Our Services

We pride ourselves on our professional advice and personal service. Clients have direct online access to view their current portfolio values, as well as a full history of all reports and tax certificates. Through regular newsletters, quarterly investment reports and ad hoc meetings and events, we ensure clients remain informed. We offer a full spectrum wealth management services.

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Investment Solutions

Our investment solutions are tailored to meet the need of investors with different return and risk objectives.

By constructing portfolios that help our client meet their investment objectives, which includes building towards and then throughout retirement. All our solutions are focused on meeting objectives in the long term, but are managed actively to ensure that tactically the asset allocation is optimised for the market conditions at any point in time. Because of this, our solutions are constructed using long term strategic asset allocations that we believe will lead to desired outcomes over the very long term. Our solutions invest in local and global markets. Growth assets such as equities and property or income assets such as bonds provide an ideal combination to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our investment sub-committee meets quarterly to review our assumptions.

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Retirement Planning

Our CFP® – accredited advisory partners employ market-leading proprietary software and actuarial cash flow modelling to each client’s financial plan; coupled with our extensive fiduciary, risk and asset management experience. Once your plan has been defined and developed, we regularly review progress, making necessary adjustments over time in response to life changes. 

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Effective estate planning anticipates and prepares for the transfer of one’s legacy – their wealth and other assets – and effects their final wishes at the time of their passing. Our fiduciary services include the winding-up of deceased estates, the drafting of wills, and registering and administering local and offshore trusts.

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Our risk offering encompasses the full range of risk solutions for both persons and corporations. Personal risk solutions include life cover, capital disability cover, income protection and critical illness cover. Corporate risk solutions include buy/sell agreement risk cover, keyman cover and contingency liability cover.

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We advise on and implement well-structured and cost effective solutions that work for both employers and employees. We offer benefit analysis on and the structuring of pension funds, provident funds and umbrella funds; risk broking and risk services management; as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting. 

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We are able to facilitate the holding and transfer of funds, both locally and offshore, through our corporate cash manager accounts. We have a forex dealing licence with the SARB which allows us to assist individual and corporate clients with their cross-border transactions, efficiently and affordably.
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We create bespoke short-term solutions for both individuals and corporates with a service delivery which is a cut above the rest.

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We provide customized medical and gap cover solutions for our individual and corporate clients. Our vast set of skills and experience, combined with technology, ensures consistent delivery of professional, independent and transparent advice.