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Weekly Wrap – 01 July 2022

Weekly Wrap 24 June 2022

Weekly Wrap – 24 June 2022

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Weekly Wrap – 27 May 2022

Estate Planning

5 things you may not know about Estate Planning: Estate Planning will secure the financial future of your family when you no longer can

Women and Money

Women and Money: Why it’s important for women to take control of their finances


Getting businesses back on their feet: State owned insurance company, Sasria, to expedite claims for businesses destroyed in unrest

Teach your children good money habits

How to teach your children good money habits: Five tips to help your children develop money skills that will set them up for life

Tax Free Savings Account

Understanding Tax-Free Savings Accounts: Five points to consider before opening a Tax-Free Savings Account

Financial Risk

Though it’s tempting, don’t put yourself at financial risk: Four ways to save money on your short-term insurance premiums

Financial Resilience

ALM for Financial Resilience in Turbulent Times: Four practices that you can adopt today to safeguard your investments tomorrow

Financial Freedom

Fast track your Financial Freedom

JH Allen

Consolidated Wealth announces the acquisition of JH Allen

Financial Plan

Four steps to ensure that your financial plan is as unique as your goals in life

Questions for Financial Advisor

Questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your Financial Adviser


Five steps that will help you plan towards a safe, secure retirement filled with fun

Budget Speech

The 2021 Budget Speech

Employee Benefits

One-size-fits-all employee benefits aren’t doing your business any favours


Why Retirement Planning is a Marathon, not a Sprint


Money isn’t the most powerful motivator


Investments: Local or Offshore

Financial Planner

How to find the right Financial Planner

Financial Advisors

Gamma: How Financial Advisors Add Value


Radio Interview Gagasi Radio

Grow your wealth

Solid Strategies To Grow Your Wealth

Post Covid Money

5 Ways to Manage Your Money Post Covid

Financial Sustainability

Growing and Preserving your Wealth for Financial Sustainability