Our Services

We take great pride in presenting a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions, from all-encompassing financial advice to foreign exchange and treasury solutions. With frequent newsletters, quarterly investment insights, daily market briefings, and routine review meetings and events, we empower our clients with knowledge, ensuring they stay informed and confidently steer their financial future.

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Investment Solutions

Our investment strategies are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse risk and return requirements of each investor. While we’re geared towards long-term achievements, we actively manage portfolios to ensure they’re best positioned for the ever-changing market landscape. With this approach, we rely on strategic asset allocations which we believe are primed for success over an extended time horizon. Our strategies tap into both local and global markets, with a mix of asset classes striking the right balance between risk and return.

To keep our strategies current with the ever-changing investment and economic landscape, our investment sub-committee meets regularly to ensure that our investment strategies are appropriately aligned.

“In the real world people do not want the mathematically optimal strategy. They want the strategy that maximises for how well they sleep at night” – Morgan Housel

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Retirement Planning

Our team of financial planners use the latest technology to create custom financial plans and solutions just for you. Leveraging our many years of experience and a team based approach, we keep a steady check on your plan, ready to adjust strategies to suit life’s ever-changing twists and turns.

By embracing and skilfully managing a cash flow-driven investment approach, we mitigate the risks associated with fluctuating investment returns. This not only extends the longevity of your capital but also gives you greater peace of mind.

“The best nights are those when our dreams of a comfortable retirement are backed by a solid plan.”

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Fiduciary & Legal Services

Effective estate planning anticipates and prepares for the transfer of one’s legacy – including their wealth and other assets – and effects their final wishes at the time of their passing. Our comprehensive range of legal and fiduciary services are designed to protect our clients and enhance their personal and business interests.

Our legal expertise allows us to craft tailored fiduciary solutions matching our clients’ distinct requirements, whether personal, corporate or commercial. This includes, but is not limited to, managing deceased estates, will drafting, trust administration, contract creation, review and negotiation, and ensuring adherence to South African laws. We also provide guidance on commercial transactions, such as joint ventures and shareholders agreements.

“In the maze of fiduciary and legal responsibilities, we’re your compass for both personal and business needs.”

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Our risk services cover a comprehensive suite of solutions for individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, we offer life insurance, disability protection (capital and income) and coverage for critical illnesses. For businesses, we provide risk coverage for buy/sell agreements, protection for key personnel, and contingency liability insurance.

“You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live” – author unknown.

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We advise on and implement well-structured and cost effective solutions that work for both employers and employees. We offer benefit analysis on and the structuring of pension funds, provident funds and umbrella funds; risk broking and risk services management; as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting. 

“The real testament to a company’s values is seen in its benefits package, not just its mission statement.”


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We are able to facilitate the holding and transfer of funds, both locally and offshore, through our corporate cash manager accounts. Thanks to our forex dealing license from the SARB, we’re equipped to help both individuals and businesses handle their cross-border transactions, ensuring it’s both efficient and cost-effective.

“Bridging local needs with offshore opportunities – that’s the promise we deliver on every day”

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We offer tailored medical and gap cover solutions for both individuals and businesses. Leveraging our deep expertise and advanced technology, we consistently provide clear, independent, and professional guidance.

“When it comes to your health, you deserve more than just coverage; you deserve care. We provide both.”